Because we don’t want to project on something else than the inner walls, we can disable the projection on the other 3D elements.

  • Select all the meshs (instances) you don’t want to project on
  • Uncheck the Receive proj. case

Before exporting video projectors informations, we will assign a pattern on the UV_WALLS with a material.

  • Click on Layout > 2D
  • Import the Pattern media from the 02_MEDIA subfolder
  • Create a Render Surface of the media size, meaning 3770×700 pixels
  • Drag & drop the media into the Timeline

  • Go back to your Layout > My 3D implant
  • Create a new Material
  • Drag & drop the Render Surface you created into the Diffuse channel
  • Check the case Emissive to enable the illumination of the material
  • In the hierarchy select the UV_WALLS mesh and assign the material we created
  • You can check/uncheck the Emissive to see how it affects the material

  • You can right-click on a projector and click on View through the projector
  • To switch the camera of the view you can press on the keyboard V

You can add to your scene Dimensions and Annotations just for informations or to export it.

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