Choose this device to connect to a Phidgets RFID Read-Write 1024_0B
You can trigger a task with a RFID badge or sticker.
The Phidget RFID Read-Write is compatible with tags that use either the EM4100 series, T5577, or FDX-B protocols.


Name | User-friendly name |

Enable Activate to enable the device
Run at startup Activate to run the device at Kinetic startup
Serial Number: Enter the serial number of the VINT HUB Phidget
Enable internal led Activate to enable the internal led

Task action:

Enable device enable the device
Disable device disable the device
Write tag write the detetcted tag id (only for read/write tag)

Task trigger:

Trigger a task according to the incoming parameter:

Action triger a task if the tag is detetcted or lost
Tag name set the tag name

Digimap trigger:



Tag detetcted send an event when a tag is detected
Tag lost send an event when a tag is lost

User interface:


Device information:

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