Version 3.4 – September 8, 2020:


We recommend to use new AMD drivers (Download the last version):

  • For Windows 10: 20Q2.1
  • For Windows 7: 20Q1

You need to update the Deltacast drivers to 6.15 version (Install the last version).
Deltacast DVI cards are no more supported by Deltacast.

New features:
Auto-calibration: Optional module for multi-projector automatic edge blending and warping
New shortcut: ALT+U -> collapse / Shift+U expand: timelines, tasks, variables, media list
Support of HAP7
Timelines: Display segment duration for movie, audio, and DMX layers
Outputs: Add a black mask for X-Maps (avoid using a black test pattern)
Devices: Add the KineticPanel device to control a Kinetic Panel
DMX: Multi edit on DMX outputs, submasters, properties on subtasks
DMX: Record/playback in a timeline layer
DMX: Add possibility to have a fade when looping a record
DMX: Fade at startup of a record or snapshot
Audio: Task to control mute/unmute/solo/unsolo for an audio channel of a V-Node
GraphEditor: Possibility to control a 3D camera from the Graph

User interface cleanups
More readable popup menu
Improved chroma key in the timeline and the live mixer
Organize tasks in folders and subfolders
GraphEditor: Updated and new opencv blocks

Bug fixes:
Timelines: Timecode card is back
LED mapping with RGBW fixtures
Wrong X-Map when output rotation – 90/90
OSC when sending string or multi mode
Loop at the end of an audio layer
GraphEditor: Various cleanup, bugfixes and improvement
3D: Adobe Substance material

Companion applications:

Live Mixer:
Bugfix recall preset to PGM with a task
Bugfix recall a task from a preset
Improved chroma key

Warp Remote:
Various bugfixes and cleanup
Connection state visible
Automatic Go back to connection page after disconnection

Improved performances
Apple Mac version

Kinetic Panel:
Work with KineticPanel device on Kinetic Designer
Font fix
High DPI fix
Bugfix: Computer remote and projection design
Possibility to change font size in task list

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