We will now project independent content on the background using the same projector.
First, increase the pixel workspace from 1920×1080 to 3840×1080 (2 HD) in the General tab.
Then go to the Output tab and add an XMAP just after the general warp, it will then be in the cube’s background: set the map (the extraction area) in top left to 1920.0 to capture the area starting from 1920 pixels. Switch this XMAP to keystone mode.
Go to the Playlist tab: rename Playlist 1 and add a second Playlist.
Select the second Playlist and add 3 cues.
Drag&drop a background media on cue 2.
Set the media position to 1920.0. (This corresponds to the area extracted from the background).
Then use the copy/paste function to duplicate cue 2 several times, then replace the media in the new cues with another background media.
Go to cue 2 and then back to the Output tab > in the Shape sub-tab. Select the XMAP background and warp it to the back of the mapping box.

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