We will now make a PiP appear while maintaining the loop on cue 4 playing in the background.

Go to cue 5 and disable the first layer by clicking on the button for that layer.

Layer 1 now appears as a crossed layer. This indicates that we will keep playing whatever was playing on layer 1 from previous cues.

Add the Modulo-Pi-PPT2019.mp4 media on layer 2 of cue 5 with a fade in of 2 seconds.

In the Properties tab, set the Scale to 50%.

Next, we’ll make the PiP fade out but still maintain the loop on layer 1 playing in the background. This background will then fade to a still image after 30 seconds.

Disable layer 1 on cue 6 and leave layer 2 empty for this cue.

On cue 5, add a 2 seconds Fade out time to the media on layer 2.

On cue 7, add media Background0.png on layer 1 with a 2 seconds fade in.

Set the Wait command to 30 seconds for this cue.

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