Intuitive software

Modulo Player works with a dedicated Modulo Player Remote, a control software designed to optimize setup, workflow management, and show control.

No matter the number of media servers, one Modulo Player Remote is used to work on the server(s) settings, configure the overall setup, encode and transfer media, and launch the show playback.

State-of-the-Art media processing

Modulo Player is designed to process media seamlessly and provide the best image quality, while running on a streamlined hardware configuration.

It handles a wide variety of media:

  • Apple ProRes
  • HAP up to 8K+
  • H.264 and MPEG2
  • Uncompressed still sequences including TGA & 10-bit DPX
  • GoPro Cineform
  • Interactive Shader Format (ISF)
  • Multi-channel ASIO audio
  • 3D 120Hz stereo (option)

Flexible playlist management

Create an unlimited number of playlists and cues.

All cues can be either triggered manually or automatically, and can be synchronized with a timecode.

The playlist system ensures fast and reliable last-minute changes in your show.

↗ Playlist – More info

Powerful warping tools for projection mapping

Create stunning projection mapping experiences with unrivaled ease-of-use.

For the most complex shapes, our exclusive X-Map function helps save time and money.

No need for an expensive 3D workflow: Simply import a Photoshop file, extract its layers, and warp them independently.

X-Map function – More info

DMX & Art-Net Compatibility

Easily playback video content as DMX to control LED stripe and lighting fixtures.

Modulo Player offers a video to Art-Net converter which uses the GPU to deliver pixel accurate DMX over Ethernet in real time.

Embedded Low-Latency Live Mixer

As a world’s first, Modulo Player embeds a low-latency live mixer with all the main functionalities of a mixer: Live program, preview, and confidence screens, presets management, transition effects,…

Modulo Player is a multi-user device: Several operators can work simultaneously on the media server and mixer interfaces. All contents and operations are perfectly synchronized.

Live mixer – More info

Live Input Boards

Modulo Player integrates live input cards, including FLEX video I/O technology by Deltacast:

  • Up to 8 x SD/HD/3G-SDI inputs
  • Up to 4 x HDMI 2.0 inputs

It supports NewTek’s NDI technology, and allows to stream multiple high quality live video sources across an Ethernet network, and use them as inputs.

Visualize all your live sources on your custom designed monitoring output and/or stream them over NDI.

Ready for Interactivity

Add interactivity and simple tracking to your shows thanks to Modulo Player’s Digimap function.

Easily control the parameters of your media – including position, rotation, opacity, color,… – using external devices (OSC, Art-Net, MIDI, TCP/IP rotary encoder).

Modulo Player’s wizard allows easy and quick calibration of the incoming data, so that you can link it to your media parameters.

Digimap function – More info

Easy, yet Powerful Show Control

Create, control, and play automated tasks for a wide number of preloaded external devices including video-projectors, matrix switchers, video processors. The device main parameters are available in our extensive library to ensure fast and easy control through Modulo Player.

Trigger tasks from specific devices such as Calendar, MIDI, OSC, GPIO, Art-Net and DMX.

Show control – More info

User Interface Designer to create your own UI

Easily create different user panels: Drag & drop tasks, add buttons, texts, images, web pages, etc.

User panels are compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

UI Designer – More info

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