Choose this device to control a PTZ camera with the NDI protocol.


Name: User-friendly name
Source: Choose the NDI PTZ source in the list. If you don’t see it, click on the refresh button.

A user interface allows you to direclty control your PTZ from this page.

Task action:

Power On/Off
Save Preset (Index)
Recall Preset (index)
Set Preset Recall Speed (value)
Stop Pan Tilt
Pan Tilt Home
Move Left Slow /Medium /Fast
Move Left Speed (value)
Move Right Slow /Medium /Fast
Move Right Speed (value)
Move Up Slow /Medium /Fast
Move Up Speed (value)
Move Down Slow /Medium /Fast
Move Down Speed (value)
Move Zoom Tele Slow /Medium /Fast
Move Zoom Tele Speed (value)
Move Zoom Wide Slow /Medium /Fast
Move Zoom Wide Speed (value)
Stop Zoom
Zoom Home
Set White Balance Auto
Set White Balance Auto Indoor
Set White Balance Auto Outdoor
Set Exposure Auto

Task trigger:


Digimap trigger:


User interface:

You can drag &drop this device in a user interface.

Device information:

Go to the manufacturer website for more information.

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