Version 5.6 – March 15, 2023:

This release is one of the last versions to support Windows 7.

We recommend to use new AMD drivers (Download the last version):

  • For Windows 10: 22Q2.2
  • For Windows 7: 20Q1

You need to update the Deltacast drivers to 6.19.01 version (Install the last version).

New features:
Mac native universal support (ARM/INTEL) for Modulo Player Remote
WebSocket support: See this page for more information
FPS counter: Display FPS counter to monitor performance
LED mapping option support: You can now purchase a LED mapping option independently. Normally, LED mapping counts as an output, which will not be the case if buying the new option.
Playlist: Support of the timcode of the Usomo spatial sound technology for audio & video sync
Device – Analog Way’s LiveCore switchers: Add Power / Reboot / WAL action

Output and X-Map: Improve soft edge
Background preloading for audio playback

Bug fixes:
Multiple Ethernet card selection important fix
Audio playback fix for preloaded cue
Timecode LTC 24 FPS fix
Device – Phidget Hub: Digital input direct support

Third party update:
NDI V5.5.3: Updated lib
Phidget: Updated lib

Please proceed as follows to update your system:
1 – Log in to the Modulo Pi Customer Area
2 – Click on the product to update
3 – Expand the Software section
4 – Click on the latest software version to download .exe file

Need more help with this?
Don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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