Choose this device to control the Modulo Player application (internal action).
Refer to Modulo Player external control if you want to control another Modulo Player.


Name: User-friendly name

Task action:

Go cue
Go Cue or Play
Go Previous Cue
Go Next Cue
Preload Cue
Enable Loop Cue
Disable Loop cue
Lock To TC
UnLock To Tc
Locate Master to Timecode
Play Master to Timecode
Play Master TC
Pause Master TC
Set Grand Master
Set Output On/Off
Set All outputs On/Off
Set All X-Map/Fixture On/Off
Set Audio Master
Increase Audio Master
Decrease Audio Playlist
Refresh Media List
Refresh Media List (force)
Remove Media Missing
Save Show
Backup Show
Set enable Task trigger On/Off
Set Enable Task On/Off
Launch task
Random task
Recall Monitoring Preset
Set Enable Digimap Off
Set Enable Digimap On
Send Show Control String
Refresh All Ui Designer Panels
Get Snapshot Desktop
Send an email
Mixer: recall preset to PGM

Task trigger:


Digimap trigger:


User interface:


Device information:


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