Version 5.4 – September 7, 2020:

We recommend to use new AMD drivers (Download the last version):

  • For Windows 10: 20Q2.1
  • For Windows 7: 20Q1

You need to update the Deltacast drivers to 6.15 version (Install the last version).
Deltacast DVI cards are no more supported by Deltacast.

New features:
Auto-calibration: Optional module for multi-projector automatic edge blending and warping
New audio engine with advanced background preload: You can playback a lot of channels

Modulo Player Lite: Less intrusive blinking of the output

Bug fixes:
LED mapping with RGBW fixtures
Avoid unwanted restart at installation

Companion applications:

Live Mixer:
New advanced chroma key
Bugfix recall task from playlist with a recall preset
Bugfix recall preset to PGM
Bugfix recall task in a preset

Modulo Panel:
Update for PC/Mac/iOS/Android

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