Your Modulo Pi key is activated, your Modulo Player Lite and Modulo Player Remote are installed. Now, it’s time to play!

Firewall and antivirus:

First, check that your antivirus will not prevent the applications to launch or to communicate.
Usually, an exception is added automatically on the firewall of your computer to allow the use of Modulo Player and Modulo Player Remote.
If you have any issue, try to disable the firewall.

Possibilities and limitations of the Modulo Player Lite edition:

Modulo Player Lite gives access to the Modulo Player intuitive software and powerful capabilities: Easy 2D mapping, playlists, tasks, user panels and show control,…
After purchasing this license, it’s yours for life.

The license gives access to 1 blinking output, audio playback with regular fade in and out, and temporary access to external devices.
For full show playback and show control, Modulo Player hardware is required.

Working with the Modulo Player Lite license, you can:

  • Self-train on the software with the help of our kit and video tutorials
  • Pre-program projects on your PC and save them for later use: Media import and validation, pre-warping, pre-encoding with the live Mixer, playlist pre-encoding,…

This user manual includes training tutorials available in English and French.
To follow the tutorials, you will need our dedicated Modulo Pi Learning kit.

Hardware limitation of your computer using the Modulo Player Lite version:

A regular Modulo Player media server includes a specific Pro AMD graphics card allowing to force EDID, do a Eyefinity with multiple screens.
These settings are available in Control/Hardware/EDID and Eyefinity.
These settings will not be available on a non PRO AMD graphics card. However, this is not a problem to do most of the tutorials as they can be done on a single screen.

You won’t have access to a Deltacast live capture cards, so all settings regarding Deltacast, add live inputs cards will not work on your notebook.
However, you can add several NDI live input sources in your Modulo Player Lite. This will allow you to use the Live Mixer application for example.

On a regular Modulo Player media server, you can lock the OS.
This feature is not available on the Modulo Player Lite edition.

Start of Modulo Player Lite:

The best is to have a video-projector or at least an external screen connected to your notebook.
Then, you can open the Modulo Player Remote on your main notebook screen, and the Modulo Player Lite application on your video-projector or your external screen.

Then, follow the Start Project tutorial available in English and French.

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