This tab allows you to upload media on the server.
You can forward files using this interface when the playback application is either ‘on’ or pending (in standby).
However, we strongly advise against uploading files when you are performing the show.

Transfer tab is divided in 2 panels:
• The left panel allows you to browse the hard disks of the remote computer. There is a shortcut to go directly to “My Documents” folder or Desktop folder.
• On the right panel you can browse files and folders starting from the server’s project folder. From there you can create sub-folders.

Select files you need to copy from your remote computer (Left) to the server (Right).
Use the blue arrows to copy the media.

The following folders are automatically created by the application and shouldn’t be deleted:
• Show: Contains show files
• Backup: Contains archives files
LED mapping: Contains the fixture files of LED mapping
DMX, temp, maj, thumb: Internal use
• User interface: You can store image files to use in the user interface
ISF: You can use interactive shader format to retrieve as Fx

Other ways to load media in your project folder:
• Manually transfer files by copying them from an external USB hard drive to the project folder on the media server
• Use the Modulo Sync application to load media to media servers connected to a network

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