Control any TCP/IP Modbus GPIO.

Name: User-friendly name
IP: Enter the ip address of your device. Your device and Modulo Player need to be in the same subnet
Port: TCP/IP port. 502 is the default value (usually doesn’t have to be changed)
Type: Choose the device:
Adam-6060/6066 6 inputs/6 outputs
Adam-6251 16 inputs
Generic: A generic GPIO modbus device

If you select Generic, you need to enter the following information:
Nb input: The number of digital inputs
Nb output: The number of digital outputs
Start input address: Modbus input register address
Start output address: Modbus output register address
Use Coils feedbacks: Enables feedback ask to device (some devices don’t like this command so you can disable this behavior).

Task action:

Choose the task to switch some outputs.

Task trigger:

You can trigger a task when the inputs are in a specific state.

Digimap trigger:


User interface:


Device information:

You can use for example the Advantech ADAM-6060
We have also validated the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 (750-352) when you need a lot of GPIOs.

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