We will now see how to use a Photoshop PSD file to automatically create X-Maps.

Select the current output previously created and delete it by clicking on the button in the top right of the interface.

Create a new output by clicking on the Import PSD button.

A pop-up window appears listing all the PSD files detected at the root of the Project folder

Select the Cube_Pattern.psd file and click OK.

An output is created in X-Map mode with 3 X-Maps already configured for each of the cube faces.

Switch each X-Map to Keystone mode in the Shape subtab and warp them to fit their respective cube face in the projection.

Once the cube is correctly mapped, open the Playlist tab and add one of the video loops prefixed Cube_[…].mp4 by adding it to Cue 3 in loop mode.

The Photoshop files respect a specific nomenclature to be understood and imported in Modulo Player.
For more information, refer to the guidelines for PSD creation or the X-Map manual page.

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