Cyclo screen

We will use the wizard to create the first two outputs with an overlap.

Click on the Wizard button, and in the Wizard Output window, set the following:

  • Projector resolution : 1920×1080
  • Nb outputs : 2×1
  • Horizontal overlap : 384 px
  • Vertical overlap : 0 px

When clicking OK, two outputs will be created. You can select both to check that the extracted map area is coherent with the values in the recap table below. You can also open the Softedge subtab to check that a 384 pixel softedge is being applied on each output.

Rename these 2 outputs to respectively VP1 and VP2.

We will add the other 2 outputs manually.

Reminder screens

Create a new output. Rename it VP Reminder.

Set the map and out values to :

  • Map: top,left: 3840,0 and size :1920×1080
  • Out: top,left : 3840,0 and size : 1920×1080

Speaker return

Create a new output. Rename it Speaker.

Set the map and out values to :

  • Map: top,left: 5760,0 and size :1920×1080
  • Out: top,left : 5760,0 and size : 1920×1080

Open the Shape subtab and display a Grid + softedge pattern on each output.

Recap table

Output Name Map Out
Out 1 VP1 top left:0;0 Size:1920×1080 top left:0,0 Size:1920×1080
Out 2 VP2 top left:1536;0 Size:1920×1080 top left:1920,0 Size:1920×1080
Out 3 VP Return top left:3840;0 Size:1920×1080 top left:3840,0 Size:1920×1080
Out 4 Screen Speaker top left:5760;0 Size:1920×1080 top left:5760,0 Size:1920×1080

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