This device allows you to receive or send DMX via Art-Net protocol.


Name: User-friendly name
Input Enable: Enable or disable Input
Input universe and subnet: Choose the input universe and subnet
Output Enable: Enable or disable output
Output universe and subnet: Choose the output universe and subnet

You can create a basic patch to use with the Mini-Desk feature of this device.
You can add basic fixture, choose the corresponding channel, choose the number of bits (8 or 16 or 24 or 32) and choose a name and color.

The auto Digimap feature allows you to quickly control Modulo Player from a light desk.
You can choose between 3 different fixtures with different levels of detail.
You can download the fixture patch here.

To control the Modulo Player from the grandMA2, you can download fixtures on this page.

Channel: Choose the start channel of your fixture.

Playlist index: Enter here in the corresponding order the playlist you want to control. For example if you choose 1,2,4, you need to have 3 fixtures that follows for playlist 1, playlist 2 and playlist 4.

Use tag: Normally when you recall a cue using autodigimap, the value 1 correspond to cue 1, the value 2 to cue 2, the value 100 to cue 100,… In case you want to change order of cues without changing anything in your light desk or add extra cues in between, then it’s easier to use the tag mode.
In each cue of the playlist, you can enter a numerical tag. It will correspond to the value to trigger this cue in DMX. Using the tag more is far more flexible.

You can create a very basic light desk:
You can enable active fixture you will want to save in a preset, choose a value for each fixture, a transition time and wait per fixture. If you click on the + in the preset tab, you will create a preset that snaphot the current state (only active fixture).
If you select a preset and click on save button, you will overwrite the preset with the current state.
If you select a preset and click on play button, you will recall a preset on “prepa” or in “stage” depending if prep or stage is selectionned.
Click on Take when you want to recall the state in “prepa” to “stage”.
You can recall theses presets using a task.

Spy In&Out:
You can watch the values of the input and output.

Task action:

Modulo Player a DMX Art-Net recorder/playback.
All recorded files go in /dmx subfolder of your project. Each record file contains a file independant from the show.
Use start record follow by a stop record when you have finished the record. replace start record by start playback and stop record by stop playback to playback your dmx file.

Set channel: Allows you to do a transition in fade on a channel from the current value to the target value

Take preset: Recalls a preset create in the setup of your device

Task trigger:

You can choose the Channel and value (8 bits or 16 bits) that need to be received to trigger a task.

Digimap trigger:

You can choose the Channel and if the value is 8 or 16 bits that you want to patch to this digimap.

User interface:


Device information:

See here information about Art-Net protocol

credit: “Art-Net™ Designed by and Copyright Artistic Licence Holdings Ltd”

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