General tab

The General tab is used to configure global settings on your current Project that will be used when the Modulo Player server is launched with the current Project Folder configured.

You can find more details on this tab in the General tab manual page.

Open the General tab and click on New to create a new show file. Name it Start Project.

Use the Name field to set a name for your Modulo Player server that will display in the server list on the left of the interface when running this show.

You can also set a color to distinguish it from other Modulo Player servers detected on the network in this list.

Note that these settings are project-specific and can be set to different values for different projects.

Media tab

The Media tab is used to configure the media present in the Project folder that were copied in the previous step.

You can find more details on this tab in the Media tab manual page

Open the Media tab and click on the Refresh button () to load the the media previously transfered.

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