In this second exercise we will go more in depth into the warping possibilities of Modulo Player.

This exercise will cover:

  • Project creation and media transfer
  • Project different medias on 3 sides of a cube using a classic warping grid
  • Manually creating X-MAPS to simplify the warping process
  • Importing X-MAPS from a Photoshop file
  • Adding a projection background using X-MAPS

Required equipment:

  • 1 x pico projector
  • 1 x mapping box
  • 1 x cube
  • 1 x media kit + PSD template file

Position the cube in the mapping box with a 45° angle in the projection beam.
The projection should cover the totality of all 3 visible cube faces but also a portion of the back of the mapping box.

Media kit

Download the Media kit.

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