Creation of NDI Live sources, counter and text:


We will now declare NDI Live Media to capture streamed sources with the “NewTek NDI” protocol: . NDI Info click here
This protocol allows video streams to be transported using a traditional TCP/IP network. Many applications allow you to stream an NDI stream over the network. The Newtek website allows you to download some free tools (NDI option for VLC, integration possibility to stream NDI from Adobe suite, test tool). Many PTZ cameras support this protocol. There are also conversion boxes between NDI and HDMI/SDI.

The Modulo Player application itself is capable of streaming monitoring to NDI or streaming an Output.

So we go to the Media tab. When you click on the + button, a window appears to select the type of media to add.
So we will create an NDI Media. The NDI Media Editor appears.
We give a name to the source to identify it in the media list, we choose in the streams list the NDI stream to capture.
If the NDI stream does not appear, you can click on the refresh icon to search for sources available on the network.

We will repeat this operation 4 times to add the 4 NDI sources available on the network.


We are now going to a Media Counter. We will set it in countdown mode with the text LEFT TIME and set the time to 2 minutes. We will use this media to position it on the SPEAKER screen to indicate the remaining speaking time to the Speaker in overlay on the NDI Powerpoint stream.

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