Modulo Player needs an OpenGL 4.5 version installed on your media server for the regular version.
For the Modulo Player Lite edition, you need a minimum OpenGL 4.1 version.

You need to check the OpenGL version if you don’t succeed to launch the Modulo Player application.
For example each time you launch the application, it goes back to the desktop.
To support an OpenGL version, it depends on the capability of your graphics card and a recent graphics card driver.

Force the high performance graphics card on a notebook:

On most notebooks, you have an integrated low performance Intel graphics card and a higher performance graphics card (NVIDIA or AMD). Most of time, the computer uses the INTEL graphics card because it uses far less power than the high-end one.

Usually, Modulo Player tries to use the high performance graphics card.
If you have an issue (unable to start or poor performance), you can force this on the graphics card panel.

For example, on an NVIDIA graphics card:
Do a right click on the desktop > Choose NVIDIA control panel > Manage 3D settings > Adjust Preferred graphics processor and select High performance NVIDIA processor.

Check the OpenGL version:

To check the OpenGL version, we recommand to install this application: GLview software for OpenGL.

Launch the application and check the OpenGL version:

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