The Control tab is made of the following buttons:

: Start the Modulo Player application on the media server. If the application is already running, this will relaunch the application

: Stop the Modulo Player application on the media server

: Restart the media server

: Shutdown the media server

: Lock/unlock the operating system. The media server will reboot. This feature is only available on Windows embedded servers. (NB: The padlock on the top right hand corner of the interface will tell you if the server OS is locked or not.)

: Quickly recall a show and its associated folder project

: Global media server setup

: Remotely update the Modulo Player application. Select the correct installer in the Windows explorer panel

Settings panel:

When you click on “settings”, it will open a settings panel with several tabs. Most of these settings need to be set before starting the Modulo Player application.

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