Go to the Playlist tab and we can add 2 cues.
Cue 1 remains empty to insure neutral state and allow to preload the spoon 2.
Go to cue 2 and click in the media area. The drop-down list appears on the right. Drag&drop the target.
Add a fade in time of 2 seconds to display the cue 2 media.
Press the space bar to switch from cue 1 to cue 2 on the screen.
The image appears on the screen.
Go back to the Output tab, under Shape tab to try to fix the image on the cube.
You can first click on configuration and set yourself in Keystone and then move the 4 corners to try to fix the image on the cube. As you can see that this is not easy.
Try to switch to curve mode (configuration button), and try to set the image again, you can increment the number of control points by clicking on the configuration button.

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