Choose this device to connect to a Phidgets 4A DC Motor DCC1002_0
The DCC1002 gives you complete control of one medium to large DC motor from one of the ports on your VINT hub. You can control motor velocity, acceleration and braking strength using commands from your software. The compact and enclosed form factor of the DCC1002 makes it easy for this Phidget to fit in smaller projects while still controlling motors with current ratings of up to 4 amps.


Name: User-friendly name
Serial Number: Enter the serial number of the VINT HUB Phidget
Port: Choose the port
Interval ms: Choose the refresh interval in milliseconds
Step mode: Choose between Step mode (target position) or Continuous mode (velocity)
Reset position: Set the current motor position as the zero position.
Engaged : Need to be active to move the motor.
Acceleration/Velocity max/Target position/Power limit/KP/KI/KD/Dead Band Refer to the phidget documentation for more information.

Task action:

Engaged (on/off)
Go to (acceleration/velocity/target position)
Set power limit (value)
Set rescale factor (value)
Set target position (value)
Set acceleration (value)
Set velocity (value)
Set Kp (value)
Set Ki (value)
Set Kd (value)
Set DeadBand (value)

Task trigger:


Digimap trigger:

You can use the position of the motor as a input value for Digimap.

User interface:


Device information:

Go to this page for more information.
You need to plug this device to a VINT HUB Phidget.

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