The Digimap tab allows you to take control of some playlist parameters from a sensor or an external device.
This way, you can add interactivity to your show.
For instance, you can move a panel on a stage (with the projection moving along with it).
You can also change the layer opacity from a lighting control, or control your show from a custom OSC control panel, etc.

Add a new Digimap by clicking on the + button.


For each new Digimap, you have to select a device and setup the value to grab.


Once your trigger is selected, you can create a patch to take the control of the parameters with this digimap.

You can interact with parameters of a playlist or on an X-Map:


Select Enable Playlist to control a media scale or position in a specific layer and cue; or all media in the same Layer throughout all Cues in one Playlist.
For example, add a Digimap to modify the x position of the first layer in the cue number 3, or move from an input value all the x positions of the first layers of a playlist.


• Select Enable X-Map to affect the opacity and the RGB values of an X-Map shape.

Digimap calibration:

In order to program the trigger, you will need to calibrate the incoming value (In A) which is the starting point; and the incoming value B (In B), the end point.
Then you will have to assign a value (i.e. media position in pixels) as a starting point, and a value for the end point.
Once this is done, it will generate 2 new values: The Offset (in pixels) and the coefficient {*}.

The following example shows the steps for the calibration of a media projected on a moving panel using a Rotary IP device to trigger:

Once you have assigned the media on the Patch tab, go to the trigger tab to calibrate the media accordingly to the Rotary values.
• Click on the trigger bar to select a device to trigger: Digimap 01, will be triggered by the Rotary-IP01
NB: In order to cover a smooth tracking of a panel on which we want the media on Layer 1, Cue 2 to follow, we will have to calibrate the maximum distance possible between the Start position A and the End position B.
• Move the panel physically on the Start position (A)
• Simulate the encoder’s value in position (A)
• Select in order to calibrate the Start position
• Click on the to set a Starting position encoder value
• Now, simulate the A point in pixels: Move with the mouse on the white box to calibrate and set the Out A
• Then, return back to
• Now, move the panel physically on the End position (B)
• Select to calibrate the end position
• Click on the to set an Ending position encoder value
• Now, simulate the B point in pixels: Move with the mouse on the white box to calibrate and set the Out B
• Then, go back to
• Once the Start and End position are calibrated, click on

This action will set a *new Offset + *and a *new Coefficient * *value.

The Digimap process is over. Test it by moving the panel.

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