Open the General tab and rename your show Live Event 1.

If you are connected to a real Modulo Player server, you can check in the info area that the Windows desktop is correctly configured as an extended desktop with a full resolution of 7680×1080.

Pixel workspace

There are two ways to start our pixel workspace in this project. Since the projectors on the cyclo screen share an overlap of 384 pixels, we could take this into account when calculating the Pixel Workspace and stick everything together. This would result in an overall width of (1920×4)-384 = 7296 pixels.

Since this workspace is virtual and we assign whichever portions of it to our outputs, it is easier to leave an “unused portion” in our pixel workspace and simply work with an overall width of (1920×4)=7680 pixels.

Set the Pixel Workspace to 7680×1080. This results in the following :

Live Event - Pixel workspace with a total width of 7560 pixels

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