Choose this device to receive motion information from the Kinesys K2 solution.


Name: User-friendly name
Multicast: Choose Multicast mode or unicast (multicast is the default value)
IP: Enter the ip address of the multicast network (default value is
Port: UDP port. 6061 is the default value (usually doesn’t need to be changed)

Task action:

Start Record: Record a file to send to debug
Stop Record: Stop the record and create a file in DMX subfolder

Task trigger:


Digimap trigger:

Construct ID: Choose the construct ID that you want to map on this Digimap
Axis: (X/Y/Z/Rotx/Roty/RotZ) axis of the construct ID you want to map on this Digimap

User interface:


Device information:

Go there have more information about Kinesys Media Server protocol.

Short tutorial:

You can download a sample show K2 created by Kinesys and download a sample show for Modulo Player that works together.

You can download a demo version of the K2 on the Kinesys website.

Watch this video to understand how to setup:

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