This guided exercise will allow you to learn how to use the Modulo Player software:

We will use the pretext of preparing a typical show for a live event. This exercise will allow you to understand the essential notions of Modulo Player, whether for corporate event, touring or permanent installation purposes.

Context: preparation of a show such as the launch of a new car
1 cyclo screen with 2 projector videos 1920×1080 with 384 pixel overlap
1 reminder screen with 1920×1080 projector on the side
1 monitor return scene 1920×1080 for the speaker

VP1 / Resolution: 1920×1080 VP2 / Resolution: 1920×1080 with 384 overlap Return VP3: Resolution: 1920×1080 Speaker Screen Resolution: 1920×1080

Media kit Link:

You can download the media kit here.

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