For Windows PowerPoint:
Use this application to deliver a PowerPoint presentation, using common PowerPoint shortcuts.
Install Modulo Shortcut PowerPoint Windows x64 to the PowerPoint PC.

For Mac Keynote:
Use this application to deliver a Keynote presentation, using common Keynote shortcuts.
Install Modulo Shortcut Mac Keynote to the Keynote Mac.

You can download Modulo Shortcut application for PC or Mac from our website.

• After installation, launch the application
• Add Modulo Shortcut as a device that you can find in the Remote > Devices tab
• Then add IP address of the Power Point computer to the Devices > Modulo Shortcut Remote
• Now, from the Tasks tab, assign Modulo Shortcut as subtask, and Edit action: You can send tasks for the following, to the PowerPoint or Keynote presentation: Page Up, PageDown, Space, Enter, Home, end.

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