Modulo Wing:

Modulo Wing is a free application to access all your playlists and tasks on Android devices, iPad, Mac or PC.
Thanks to this overview, playlists and tasks come all available anytime over wifi for show control, monitoring…


For Mac and PC: Connect to the Customer Area > Modulo Player > Companion Apps section
For iPad: Visit the Apple Store
For Android phones and tablets: Visit Google Play


  • Install the Modulo Wing application
  • The device hosting Modulo Wing needs to be on the same network as your Modulo Player server
  • Launch Modulo Wing
  • Click on the setup button to enter the IP address of your Modulo Player server

In the Settings section, you can:

  • Choose the size of the Tasks button
  • Choose between two different modes to display your Playlists: Display faders and current cue only, or full playlist controllers including triggers and cue lists

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