With Modulo Wing, you can have an overview of the Playlists and Tasks of your project.
Access show control at anytime over wifi, using your tablet, iPad, PC or Mac.

• Once having installed the Modulo Wing application, launch it to connect to the media server
• Connect to the Modulo Player via wifi in order to launchModulo Wing on your tablet, iPad, or remote computer (PC or Mac)
• Type the server IP to connect it

As soon as you connect with the server, (marker-orange) you can access the ettings by pressing
• You can select small/large icons to display task buttons
• You can choose between two different modes to display show’s Playlists: Display only faders and current Cue, or full playlist controllers including triggers and Cuelists.

Download Modulo Wing from our website for PC or Mac,
For iPad on Apple Store.
For Android on Google Play

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