The Monitoring tab is where you can setup a confidence screen to monitor live inputs, outputs and Program in a mosaic view.
You can use one of the media server physical outputs to display the monitoring, or you can stream your confidence screen in NDI.
If you display the monitoring in one output, you need to adjust the position and resolution of your monitoring output.
If you stream the monitoring using NDI, you need to adjust the resolution of your NDI stream.

You can create any number of presets but they are only visible one at a time.
Click on the green/gray button to select the active preset.

A list of available live inputs, outputs and program is visible at the bottom left corner.

Preset Creation:

  • Click on the + button to add a monitoring preset
  • Choose the name of the preset
  • Adjust the number of rows in the dropdown menu
  • Adjust the number of columns in each row using the +/- button the right of each row
  • Drag and drop an item from the left list in a cell to display it

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