You can setup the email notifications in this panel.
You need to create an email account that you will use to send emails to.

SMTP server: Enter the SMTP server address provided by your email provider.
Choose the correct port and the encryption method following the instructions of your provider.
Name: The name you use when sending emails
User-Password: The login and password you use to connect to your email server to send the email
To: List the recipients email addresses. Make sure you separate them with “ ; “. The recipients are the people who will receive the email notifications
Object: Title of the email notification (for example the location of your installation)

Check “enable email notification” to enable the automatic sending of email notifications.
If you check “Notify when computer starts”, each time the server starts, an email indicating your media server has started will be sent to the recipients listed in the “TO” field.

For some notification, you can adjust a value.
For instance, you can set up a temperature limit for the “Notify when GPU overheats” mode.
When the GPU reaches the set limit, an email notification indicating that your GPU is overheating is sent to the recipients list.

You can send emails with the “Modulo Player” device.
The same email account and settings will be used to send this email.
For instance, you can use it to launch a task at each loop of the show to check that the show is playing, sending an email to your customer.

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