Now let’s add cues to the Playlist.

Create several cues.
Leave the cue 1 empty as usual.
Add the 3 test patterns on the layers 1,2,3 of cue 2. They are correctly positioned in the pixel space.
Put a fade in of 2 seconds on layer 1.
The copy/paste per layer is used to copy the fade in time on layers 2 and 3.
Display cue 2

Leave cue 3 empty.
Add in cue 4 the blue loop media
Add a 5-second trigger wait on cue 5.
Cross the layer 1 of cue 5 to keep the loop of cue 4.
The Modulo logo is displayed in layer 2 of cue 5. The size of the logo is reduced by putting a scale of 20% and adjusts the position of the logo in the pixel space.
Put a fade-in of 2 seconds for the layer cue 4.
The copy/paste special layer is used to copy the fade-in of the layer 1 of cue 4 to the layer 2 of cue 5.

Then add a new cue with the jingle. Add the associated sound on the soundtrack of layer 1.
Add a cue 7 with a follow 1 trigger, add the media loop 1 with a fade-in of 1 second. Switch the media to loop mode.
Multiple copy/paste is used to create cues 8 and 9. Replace the media by using jingle 2 and loop 2.

The color level on layer 1 of cue 8 is used to adjust the colorimetry of the media.
Use the brightness/contrast/saturation to adjust the brightness of layer 1 of cue 10.

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