From here you can setup the geometry of your media:
Position: Enter the position of your media
Anchor mode: Choose the anchor mode:
Type the start position in pixels, or configure it in relation to the pixel Worskpace.

  1. Center the center of the media on the center of the pixel workspace (usefull only for very basic setup).
  2. On top left corner (default option)
  3. “Virtual” mode: For multi-server setup: allows you to move one media according to a global pixel workspace.
    The anchor has an incidence on the scale and the rotation.

Scale: Adjust the scale of the media in pourcentage or in pixels. Click on the %/px toggle button to choose the units.
You can lock the ratio by clicking on the lock icon.

Rotation: Choose the orientation of your media in degrees
Opacity: 100% for a full opaque layer and 0 for rull transparency
Color: Change the global color of your media. Unlock to assign a different value on each channel.
Blending: Select a Mode to blend this layer with the layer underneath.
Available blending modes are: Alpha, Additive, Multiply, Multiply x2, and Screen.

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