This tab is for creating Tasks.

A task contains subtasks: A subtask is an action on a device.
You can specify a Wait per subtask to sequence the launch of the subtasks.

A task can be triggered manually, from a cue in a playlist, from an external show control TCP/IP command, from Modulo Wing , from Modulo Panel or from a Stream Deck.
A task can also be triggered from another device: A calendar, a MIDI command, Art-Net, OSC, GPIO,…
When triggered, a task will blink in green for a few seconds.

Task Creation:
Click on the + button to create a new task.
You can choose a name and a color to easily identify this task.
You can specify a keyword: It will allow you to easily filter tasks by keywords in a custom User Interface.
You can then add a subtask clicking on the + button: A Dialog box will popup prompting you to choose a device to control.
After that, just click on the Edit button and choose an action.

Trigger from a device:

You can use for example the device calendar to trigger this cue at a specific time.
If you prefer to trigger the task from a GPIO, just add a GPIO device and use this GPIO as a trigger.

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