Click on the button on top right corner to enable the timecode.

Then you can select:
• None: No timecode (default mode)
LTC: The timecode is read from an Adrienne timecode card in LTC slave or Master (depending on the optional hardware). Depending on our timecode, specify the EBU or SMPTE mode. The timecode card is only necessary on the Master Modulo Player. Then the Master sends the synchronization to all the slaves of the same cluster.
MTC: MIDI timecode reading (slave mode only)
• Art-Net: Timecode thru the Art-Net protocol (Generator or reader)
• Internal: A Master mode timecode simulated by the computer
• Clock: Use the server’s clock

If you generate the timecode (available for LTC, Art-Net, internal): choose master
If you want to be synchronized to an external timecode, choose slave
If you have one playlist that is working with a LTC Generator (Master), you can choose “Read Master TC” to synchronize another playlist to the LTC Generator (but in slave mode)

EBU/SMPTE: Choose the matching rate to your timecode

Disable positrack in cue: If activated, when there is a small jump (don’t implies a jump to another cue) or a stop of the incoming timecode, the playback will continue
Offset: Add an Offset to the incoming Timecode (positive or negative)

• Triggers synchronization using timecode:
• Click on the lock icon to synchronize your playlist triggers on the timecode
You have to specify timecode triggers beforehand to use it. Timecode trigger value needs to increase for each cue. It will not works correctly for example if the timecode trigger on the Cue 2 is superior than the timecode trigger on Cue 3.
Mode Free-run
• Click on the F button to enable the Free-run mode on the slave server. You can do this action at any time. Then a second timecode appears. The top timecode is the real timecode. The bottom timecode is the Free-run timecode used to synchronize your playlist.
• Click again on the F button to disable the Free-run mode on the slave server to switch on the real timecode. You can perform this action at any time.

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