The Remote (control) software is easy to install on your notebook (Mac/PC).
The interface is made of several pages to help you manage your project easily, even if you are an occasional user.

The Remote software is “empty”, that is to say it does not contain any of your shows. All media and information related to a show are stored on the media server. This means you can disconnect/link the remote software at any time.
Once the remote software is installed, it allows you to set up/manage any Modulo Player server as long as it is/they are on the same network. The remote software grants you access to the server(s) settings, media, warping and blending tools, playlists, etc. and is necessary to encode your show.
Once the servers are all configured, you can make them work autonomously (for a daily outdoor «son et lumière» show).
The remote software will not be necessary anymore then. However, you can link the remote software to your network to handle the show at any time. The remote software is not protected by a dongle so you can set it up on several servers.

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