Let’s manually create XMAPs to be able to warp the 3 sides of the cube independently.
First, go to the Shape tab, click on the configuration button and go back to 2×2 neutral.

Add 3 XMAPS, 1 per cube side.
Go to the Shape subtab and switch to MAP mode (extraction of a pixel workspace area), click on the camera to capture and display in the background in the remote a still image of what is currently playing on the server: you see the pattern image appear.
Then we will bring the four control points back to the four corners of the cube. You have to do it as precisely as possible (you can zoom in the window, and choose the cross-tool to be thinner – at the bottom left you have three icons, by clicking on the one on the right, you can choose to switch to Cross mode which is more practical to see the image below -.
Repeat steps for the other two sides of the cube.

Then, go back to Warp mode by unchecking the MAP button. Now move the control points to fit the projection on the cube. Although not mentioned in the video, it is recommended to switch to Keystone mode (Configuration button) for each XMAP instead of using CURVE mode: that way, the pixels spread automatically without the need to add several control points.

Repeat steps for the other two sides of the cube.
Now you’ve experienced that it is possible to easily and independently warp all the faces of the cubes.

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