In this panel you have access to the complete list of lights of the scene.
Thanks to the toolbar you can add a light, search by name and delete the selected lights.



Visible draws the light source, this does NOT affect the use of the light source (an invisible light can illuminate the scene)
On/off enables/disables the effect of the light


The 3D engine includes 3 types of lights :

point light spherical light that illuminates in all directions
spot light directional light from a point (e.g. a follow spot)
directional light directional light from a plane (e.g. the sun)
Type Example
Directional light
spotlight with the same inner/outer cone
spotlight with a larger outer cone


Lumens the power with which the light illuminates the scene
Attenuation factor distance-dependent attenuation value


There are 3 color modes:

Color a simple RGB color
Temperature allows you to set a temperature in kelvin which is converted to color. A temperature set is available for faster use
Predefined colors an existing color bench of standard light


You can drag and drop a light from the scene into your graph editor, this will then give you read or write access to different parameters. But you can also animate the values: position, target, lumens and color by putting them in a 3D animation sheet.

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