Modulo Kinetic Designer and the VNode server(s)

Modulo Kinetic is a hardware + software media server solution.
The platform relies on Kinetic Designer, a powerful user interface with a dedicated workstation, connected to one or several VNode media servers.
Kinetic Designer is the cornerstone of your workflow. It can be used offline for show study, simulation, and pre-encoding.
When connected to the VNode media servers, Kinetic Designer will automatically distribute the media content to the VNode servers on the network.

Chassis and specifications

Modulo Kinetic is available in a regular chassis, as well as a new ruggedized suspended chassis.
Its reinforced framework and professional connectivity ensures optimal reliability and higher durability under all conditions.
Each model can be customized: Add a timecode card, a live capture card, additional storage capacity, etc.

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Ruggedized chassis

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