This guided exercise will introduce you to the warping possibilities of Modulo Kinetic.

We will assume that you have followed the Start Project tutorial and that you are now familiar with some of the basic actions it covered and where you can find them in the interface.

In this tutorial you will learn to :

  • Create a new project, copy media, add an output and try to project a media set on 3 sides of a cube with a classic warping grid.
  • Manually create XMAPS to simplify the calibration.
  • Import a photoshop file to automatically create XMAPS.
  • Add a projection background using XMAPS.

Required equipment :

  • A pico projector
  • A mapping box
  • A foam cube
  • The media kit and the PSD template file.

Position the cube in the mapping Box, the projector should project on the entire cube but also on the back of the mapping box.

Media kit Link:

You can download the media kit here.

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