This is a list of all the keyboard shortcuts you can use in the different windows within Modulo Kinetic


Action Keyboard Shortcut
New project CTRL + N
Toggle V-Nodes Online CTRL + O
Save CTRL + S
Save as SHIFT + CTRL + S
Save + ALT + CTRL + S
Backup CTRL + B
Copy CTRL + C
Cut CTRL + X
Paste CTRL + V
Special Paste ALT + CTRL + V
Undo CTRL + Z
Redo CTRL + Y
Select All CTRL + A
Unselect All ALT + CTRL + A
Full Screen SHIFT + CTRL + F11
Lock/Unlock Interface SHIFT + CTRL + F12

3D Viewer

Action Keyboard Shortcut
New camera from view C

Graph Editor

Action Keyboard Shortcut
Select all descendants END


Action Keyboard Shortcut
Next Panel TAB
Previous Panel SHIFT + TAB
Move to the beginning HOME
Move to the end END
Select All CTRL + A
Unselect All ALT + A


Action Keyboard Shortcut
Locate L
Locate 1 sec backward ALT +
Locate 1 sec forward ALT +
Locate 1 frame backward CTRL +
Locate 1 frame forward CTRL +
Locate at the beginning SHIFT + HOME
Select all layers before locator CTRL + SHIFT + B
Select all layers after locator CTRL + SHIFT + E
Select all layers CTRL + A
Unselect all layers ALT + A


Action Keyboard Shortcut
Open Auto Fade Pop-up ALT + F
Trim the beginning of the selected layer ALT + B
Trim the end of the selected layer ALT + E
Trim the beginning of the selected layer without moving keyframe SHIFT + B
Jump to previous Cue IN J
Jump to next Cue IN K
Jump to start on selected layer I
Jump to end on selected layer O
Opacity filter (Add/Remove) SHIFT + T
Position filter (Add/Remove) SHIFT + P
Color filter (Add/Remove) SHIFT + C
Rotation filter (Add/Remove) SHIFT + R
Scale filter (Add/Remove) SHIFT + S
FX filter (Add/Remove) SHIFT + U


Action Keyboard Shortcut
Add Opacity Keyframe ALT + T
Add Position Keyframe ALT + P
Add Scale Keyframe ALT + S
Add Rotation Keyframe ALT + R
Move Layer/Keyframe 1 frame backward ALT + PageUp
Move Layer/Keyframe 1 frame forward ALT + PageDown
Move Layer/Keyframe 1 sec backward ALT + CTRL + PageUp
Move Layer/Keyframe 1 sec forward ALT + CTRL + PageDown


Action Keyboard Shortcut
Move 1 pixel Calibration/Warp point / / /
Move 0.1 pixel Calibration/Warp point SHIFT + / / /
Move 10 pixels Calibration/Warp point CTRL + / / /
Select All CTRL + A
Unselect All ALT + A
Select a warp point ALT + / / /
Select a line of warp points CTRL + ALT + /
Select a column of warp points CTRL + ALT + /
Select a group of warp points SHIFT + ALT + / / /

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