Open the prepared project

Add the Deltacast HDMI or SDI source

  • In the Media tab, click on and add a Deltacast media

  • Set the deltacast parameters regarding to your configuration (HDMI or SDI)
  • If you followed all the steps of the Panasonic AW-UE150 configuration, its resolution should be 1920×1080 at 50Hz.

Add a 3D camera into the 3D Scene

  • Click on Layout > 3D and have a look at the prepared 3D Scene
  • Move in the 3D using your mouse until you are closer to the scene
  • Press C on your keyboard to create a camera from this point of view and rename it Camera_AR

Add a Panasonic device to control the Camera Shift/Zoom/Focus from Kinetic Designer

  • In the Devices tab click on to add a new PTZ camera and select Panasonic AW-HExx
  • In the Editor tab, type the IP address of your Panasonic AW-UE150 camera.

Add a device Camera AR Panasonic UE-XXX FreeD

  • In the Devices window click on open the Tracking part and select Camera AR Panasonic UE-XXX FreeD

  • Then, in the Editor tab, go to General tab, select Panasonic AW-UE-150 from the Camera dropdown menu and drag and drop your 3D Camera_AR from the 3D Scene list to the 3D Camera field

  • In the FreeD tab, check that port the number is the same that the one set in the Pannasonic AW-UE150 camera (11311 by default)

To check the communication port of the Panasonic camera please check again the Panasonic configuration page.

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