Choose this device to receive motion information from the Kinesys K2 solution.


Name User-friendly name
Enable Activate to enable the device
Run at startup Activate to run the device at Kinetic startup
Multicast Choose Multicast mode or unicast (multicast is the default value)
IP Enter the ip address of the multicast network (default value is
Port UDP port. 6061 is the default value (usually doesn’t need to be changed)

Task action:

Enable device enable the device
Disable device disable the device

Task trigger:


Digimap trigger:

Use the Kinesys data as an input for Digimap.

Axis choose X/Y/Z/Rotx/Roty/RotZ_ axis of the construct ID you want to map on this Digimap
Construct ID Choose the construct ID that you want to map on this Digimap

User interface:



Receive position receive position fromKinesys device

Device information:

Go there have more information about Kinesys Media Server protocol.

Short tutorial:

You can download a sample show K2 created by Kinesys and download a sample show for Modulo Player that works together.

You can download a demo version of the K2 on the Kinesys website.

Watch this video to understand how to setup:

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