This node can either generate a color value or can convert three values into the RGB or HSV components of a color.


  • Color Mode : Switch between RGB and HSV color modes.
    Default : RGB
  • Color : Displays preview of color. Click on the color square to open the default dialog box to manually choose a color.
    Default : Black 0 / 0 / 0 / 255
  • R / H : Manually input value for Red (RGB) or Hue (HSV).
    Default : 0.0
  • G / S : Manually input value for Green (RGB) or Saturation (HSV).
    Default : 0.0
  • B / V : Manually input value for Blue (RGB) or Value (HSV).
    Default : 0.0


Name Type Description
R Integer Red component
G Integer Green component
B Integer Blue component

These inputs will toggle to H,S and V respectively if Color mode is set to HSV.


Name Type Description
Color Color Standard color output

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