Prepare the equipment

  • Take the size of the board you use, in our case, it is 1 × 0,73 meters
  • Determine the ratio. In our example, it is 1,37
  • Place 4 LEDs on the board, and take measure of each LED

Prepare Modulo Kinetic

  • Create a Render Surface with the same ratio as the object dimension
    In our example, we chose 1000×730 pixels

  • In the Media tab, click on + to add a pattern media with the same resolution

  • Create a Material and drag & amp;drop the Render Surface onto the DIFFUSE channel
  • Then click on the Emissive case to enable it

  • Create on the 3D Scenes a Plane with the same size as the board: 1 × 0,73 meters. Then, define its Material

Prepare the calibration

  • Go to the KineMotion window
  • Pause the Tracking
  • Select the Tracking group

  • On the Editor window, go to the Objects tab
  • Click on + to add a Rigid Body
  • Select the Rigid Body we created

  • Drag & drop the Node_Plan onto the 3D Scene node

  • Add as many Points as we have LEDs standing on our Board

  • Play the tracking and look at the cameras visualization to determine the IDs of each LED

  • Stop the tracking
  • Indicate these IDs on each Point created on the Rigid Body, and indicate the measures positions we took at the beginning

  • Play the tracking and move physically the board. The projection should follow the board surface

  • You can check the LEDs position in the 3D by going to the Listing tab

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