This node allows you to read sound files in the graph editor.


  • Filename : Click to open the windows explorer window to select your file.
    Default : Empty
  • Volume : Manually set the main volume here
    Default : 100
  • Inputs/Outputs : Cross patch between your inputs and your outputs and control channel levels. You generally want Input 1 on Output 1, Input 2 on Output 2, etc.
    Default : 100


Name Type Description
Filename String Standard string value. Expects a path relative to the root folder of your current project.
Trigger Integer Triggers the reading of the file.
Volume Float Standard floating point value. Will only consider values between 0 and 100. Anything lesser or greater will have no further effect on the main volume control.


This node has no outputs.


In this case the test_sound.wav file is located in the Project folder and the ../ points to one folder above the 01_SHOW folder in the tree view, which is the project folder.

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