The Rod 4 is a contactless laser distance sensor for area-scanning object detection and measurement.

A light beam produced by laser diodes is deflected by a rotating mirror and covers an area of 190° with a radius of up to 65 m.


Property Default Description
Name Leuze Rod 4 User-friendly name.
Enable ON Activate to enable the device.
Run at startup ON Activate to enable the device at Kinetic startup.
IP empty Enter the IP address of your device. Your device and Kinetic Designer should be on the same subnet.
Port 9008 TCP/IP port used by the device. Do not change unless you know what you are doing.
Minimum points to create a Cluster 2 A cluster is a group of close points which have a position that will be tracked . This setting can help to reduce noise.
Cluster Expiration Time (ms) 300 Time before a cluster is dropped when it is not detected anymore.
Maximum Clustering Distance (mm) 100 Threshold for points close together to be considered as one cluster.
Tracking Move Threshold (mm) 5 Threshold under which movement is not considered movement but eliminated as noise.
Maximum Matching Distance (mm) 600 Threshold over which a cluster can’t be matched as being the same cluster after a movement.
Process noise covariance (mm) 1.0 Error expected on position evaluation.
Measure noise covariance (mm) 5.0 Error expected on position measurement.
Positioning Algorithm Centroid Method to describe the position of a cluster.
Bounding Box OFF Enable bounding box.

Task action

Action Description
Enable Enable the device.
Disable Disable the device.
Start Record Start a recording with the device.
Stop Record Stop the recording with the device.
Start Playback Start a playback of a recording with the device.
Stop Playback Stop any playback currently playing.

Task trigger

This device has no actions that can trigger a Task.

Digimap trigger



Action Description
Detected Cluster Position Receive detected clustered points by the device

User interface

This device has no actions that can be launched from the UI designer.

Device information

Go to the manufacturer website for more information.

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