Now let’s add a jingle after our first layer :

  • Set the header to timecode 00:00:24:00 in the timeline.
  • From the Media list drag and drop the Jingle1 video file and JINGLE1 audio file. Don’t put them in a loop, only play them once.
  • Add a fade in of 2 seconds, this time we add the keyframes manually to both the video and sound layers.
  • At timecode 00:00:24:00 set the volume and opacity to 0% and at timecode 00:00:26:00 set the volume and opacity to 100%

In order to have a better control to cue this jingle, let’s add a Pause command :

  • At the bottom right of the Timeline panel, click on the Add command layer button.
  • Set the header back to timecode 00:00:24:00 in the timeline.
  • Now click on the Command layer in the timeline and in the Editor tab click on Pause to add it in the timeline.

We now have an intro that lasts for 24 seconds, then the header pauses as it cues the jingle.
The intro keeps running in the background because it is set to Freerun and the header is still over it’s layer in the timeline.
As we hit play to cue the jingle, the intro fades out (2 seconds) as the jingle fades in (2 seconds).

  • Now add a looped video Jingle1_loop straight after the end of the first jingle video. For this one, select loop and freerun.

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