LFO stands for Low Frequency Oscillator.

This node generates standard oscillator type signals.


You can switch the Signal Type directly on the node :

  • Square
  • Sinusoid
  • Triangle
  • Sawtooth

Other properties :

  • Period : Sets the period (in seconds).
    Default : 1.0
  • Phase : Sets the phase.
    Default : 0.0
  • Offset : Sets an offset for the output.
    Default : 0.0
  • Amplitude : Sets the amplitude of the wave.
    Default : 20
  • Duty Cycle : Sets the duty cycle for the wave.
    Default : 0.5
    • This parameter has no effect on Triangle and Sawtooth waves.

Duty cycle example :


Name Type Description
Period Float Adjust the period of the wave (in seconds)
Phase Float Adjust the phase of the wave to add a temporal offset
Offset Float Offset the output value
Amplitude Float Adjust the amplitude of the wave
DutyCycle Float Adjust the duty cycle of the wave (see example above)


Name Type Description
Float Float Current value of the wave signal
Cycle Integer Current cycle number. Increments by 1 each cycle.

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