The effect scatters the pixels in the input image.


  • Power : The intensity of the effect. Higher values result in more scattered pixels.
    Default : 30
  • Direction : Sets the direction where the pixels will be scattered.
    Default : (1.0 ; 1.0)
  • Animate seed : Toggle this property to automatically animate the scatter effect.
    Default : OFF
  • Seed : Sets the seed for randomness in the effect.
    Default : 1.0


Name Type Description
Image Image Image input on which to draw the effect
Power Float Intensity of the effect applied
Direction Vector 2D Direction of the effect
Animate Seed Boolean Automatically animate the scatter effect
Seed Float Seed for the randomness in the effect


Name Type Description
Image Image Image output of the effect


In this example :
  • Scatter Effect : Animated with an LFO between 0 and 140
  • Direction : (1.0 ; 1.0)
  • Animate Seed : OFF
  • Seed : 1.0

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